Language certificate

It might be the case that you need to provide evidence that the BiCS is a programme where English is the main vehicular language. There are several alternatives to provide evidence about this fact: which one to pick up, depends on your needs and how much in hurry you are:

Below you will find the (up to now) available alternatives to get evidence (i.e. an official piece of paper that indicates how much English -and French or German) has been used along your studies:

The diploma supplement

It comens along with your diploma and it bares the official UL stamp. The information about languages will be under section “2.5 Language(s) of instruction/examination”.

This document would be able to download from the Guichet Etudiant … once you are graduated (and even your diploma has been produced).

The official Annex of the study programme

This document is part of the annexes to the study regulations concerning the bachelors. This is an official document (even if there is not any stamp, nor signature) which can be downloaded from the web site of the university.

The annex that corresponds to the BiCS is also available in the Important Information section of this web site.

Certificate of passed courses

This document is a certificate the indicates each courses of the study programme you have passed up to now. For each passed course it indicates not only the grade you got and number of granted ECTS, but also the course’s objectives, description, assessment method and vehicular language!

This document could be a very good alternative when you are applying for a masters.

In order to get this document you need to send an email to the study programme administrator (aka SPA or simply the study programme’s secretary) asking for that document. The SPA will handle the request and send it back to you as soon as possible.

Hope you find this information relevant and useful when looking for a language certificate.