University of Luxembourg at ICPC

Competitive programming is a mind sport in which you must solve as many problems as possible within a time limit. Competitors are free to select the programming language of their choice (C++, Java, Python). In the ICPC style contests (most known university contests) a team of 3 competitors from each university has 5 hours to … Continued

BSP project advertised in the press

BiCS student Dany PAIS has contributed to the enhancement of 3 millionimages from old newspapers from Luxembourg and Switzerland. The imageswere provided by the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and DigitalHistory (C2DH), as part of the Impresso project. The new project,entitled Spresso, has been conducted under Dany’s BSPs 5 and 6. Under the supervision of Professor … Continued

Study Programme Representatives 2022/2023

The Study Programme Representatives (SPRs) of the BiCS for the academic year 2022/23 were appointed by the BiCS office last Friday. They are: Antonia CUBA (Year 1) Valentina RONDINELLI (Year 2) Federica MAESTRI (Year 2) Stefan CAPITANESCU (Year 2) Umut UCAK (Year 3) Daria ANTROPOVA (Year 3) Each SPR started his/her functions the 10/10/2022, and will … Continued

BiCS Students Visit Our University’s HPC

On Friday 7 October, 2022, a group of BiCS and BINFO students had theopportunity to visit the High Performance Computing center of theUniversity of Luxembourg, located in Belval. Professor Luis Leiva arranged the visit with the help of professorPascal Bouvry. Then Hyacinthe Cartiaux, infrastructure and architectureengineer of the HPC, guided the students through the most … Continued

Academic year 2022-2023 kick off

This morning, the BiCS directors gave the information sessions to students starting the academic year 2022-2023. Below you will find the links to the slides shown during these sessions for each cohort. Information session slides – First Year students Information session slides – Second Year students Information session slides – Third Year students

First day of courses: 19 September 2022

Dear BiCS students, The academic year 2022-2023 starts on Monday 19th of September of 2022. An information session is organised for each cohort. The sessions will take place in the room “Black Box“, located in the Maison des Sciences Humaines (MSH), at Campus Belval. The organisation of the sessions is the following: First year students: from … Continued

Recommendation letters

Students who wish to continue their studies in a master programme are (very often) required to provide recommendations letters. Even if providing a recommendation letter is not mandatory, it is a very good practice that may make a difference in getting you accepted in the programme or not. This post gives you some advise about … Continued

Summer semester 2021-2022 kick off

This morning, Dr. Alfredo Capozucca (Vice Study Programme director of the BiCS) opened the summer semester with an informaiton session for each cohort (1st, 2nd, and 3rd year). Below you can find the links to the slides shown during these informative sessions for each cohort. Information session slides – First Year students Information session slides … Continued

BiCS mailing lists

The BiCS (as any other study programme at the UL) relies on e-mails to send official communications to the students. For this purpose, there exist mailing lists grouping students by year (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). These mailing lists are mainly used by the BiCS office and instructors to communicate relevant information to students. These mailing … Continued

Language certificate

It might be the case that you need to provide evidence that the BiCS is a programme where English is the main vehicular language. There are several alternatives to provide evidence about this fact: which one to pick up, depends on your needs and how much in hurry you are: Below you will find the … Continued