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Study Regulations (Règlement des études)

Official document that describes the rules that govern the studies at the University of Luxembourg.

Study Programme Annex Reference Document

In addition to common study regulations, each study programme defines specific regulations in its annex to the Study Regulations. This annex defines the study programme rules and essential documentation as required by the Law of 27 June 2018 on the organisation of the University of Luxembourg.

The rules and information defined in the annex apply to the academic year immediately following their publication and to the admission period for the subsequent academic year. Returning students continue their studies under the rules in place when they first enrolled in the programme.

Academic year 2022-2023

Short version (in French)

Version made by the Education quality management (EQM) office. This version is revised annually by the Study Programme Director and approved by the Dean of the FSTM, Rectorate and the Board of Governors.

Long version (in English)

Extended version made by the Study Programme Director to include all necessary organisation information related to the programme. It also includes the programme syllabus. This document is revised twice a year to include the latest updates related with the descriptions of the courses that make the programme.

Notice: past versions of the study programme annex document can be consulted in this page

Study Programme Representatives

Study Programme Representatives (SPRs) are the link between the BiCS students and the teaching, administrative, and managing staff of the programme.

They are elected at the beginning of the academic year for a mandate of one year by students of the BiCS programme.

More information about the role and responsibilities of SPRs can be found in the document “The role of Study Programme Representatives at the University of Luxembourg

Students can get in contact with the SPRs by email to the address

bics-sprs [AT]

Notice that emails sent to this address are only received by SPRs.

SPRs (Academic year 2022-2023):

  • Antonia CUBA
  • Federica MAESTRI
  • Valentina RONDINELLI
  • Umut UCAK

Steering Committee

The BiCS Steering Committee (SC), known in French as “Comité de pilotage du programme” is aimed at advising the BiCS study director into the functioning and continuous development of the programme.

The study director appoints the SC members, which is composed of (at least) the study director, one (1) member of the Student Programme Representatives (SPRs), one (1) teacher of the programme, and (1) person external to the University.

Each member of the SC serves for up to 2 years. The position of a member can only be renewed by the Dean of the FSTM.

Current members of the SC:

  • (Study Director) Martin THEOBALD
  • (Teacher at the programme): Alfredo CAPOZUCCA
  • (SPR1) Umut UCAK
  • (SPR2) Daria ANTROPOVA
  • External): Cedric PRUSKI

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