University of Luxembourg at ICPC

Competitive programming is a mind sport in which you must solve as many problems as possible within a time limit. Competitors are free to select the programming language of their choice (C++, Java, Python). In the ICPC style contests (most known university contests) a team of 3 competitors from each university has 5 hours to solve around 11 problems.

This year, following the tradition initiated in 2021, the university of Luxembourg participated in two major programming competitions BAPC 22 and NWERC 22. The participation on these events was coordinated by the Luxembourg Competitive Programming Club (LCPC) led by Alexander Goldberg, with the support of the BiCS Department. This was the second consecutive year in which Luxembourg participated in ICPC contests.

Beside learning and developing programming skills, LCPC is also a space to socialise with other students and have some fun. If you are interested in joining the group simply drop an email to Alexander or join to the group’s discord channel.