Return to full in-person teaching – New rules

As stated by the Rector of the University on 20/10/2021, the University planned to return to full in-person teaching starting by 8 November 2021.

Last Friday (29/10/2021), the VRA office released the guidelines aimed at organising the return to full on-site teaching. These guidelines are attached, and you must read them entirely.

The guidelines can also be found on the UL web under Academic Regulations.

These guidelines apply as of 8/11/2021.

Next a summary of what these guidelines imply at the BiCS:
– Everystudent is allowed to attend the courses on-site according to the weekly schedule of the semester. The attendance is not conditioned by a Covid-check regime.

– The rotation scheme based on groups as defined at the beginning of the academic year will be valid until Friday 5/11/2021.
– A student can be excused from in-person attendance if he/she meets the health vulnerability criteria as defined by the Luxembourg Government.

– Instructors will still be allowed to do hybrid or remote teaching using the current remote settings (i.e. Webex). However, the instructor remains the unique responsible for the organisation of the session under that format once the new guidelines enter in force. As usual, instructors must provide the complete information enough in advance using Moodle and/or any other official communication means.

[Action required]

If you meet at least one of the vulnerability criteria as defined by the Luxembourg Government, then you must ASAP send an email to the SPA (bics-secretary [AT] uni [DOT] lu), add in CC the Study Programme Director (bics-director [AT] uni [DOT] lu) and provide a medical certificate that proves you meet the vulnerability criteria.

The exemption will be approved by the Study Programme Director on a case-by-case basis.

The approval or rejection of the exemption will be notified by email.

The BiCS office.