Working groups

Where students work together


This is the spot to let students define their own topics of interest.
That means that topics are defined by students and (upon approval of the BiCS Office),
run and handled by the students themselves.
The aim is to allow students of different years to get together and actively work towards a common goal.
It is wished that a working group remains alive even after their founders finished their studies.
Thus, the continued involvement of new students is critical to the survival of the working group.
Notice that this is a wish, but not a rule. We are all willing to take the risk, so don’t be afraid to go ahead.

Create a working group

Step 1: Define the topic

Explain in 100 words what is the topic about, how it is related to your studies, and how it fosters the development of its members.

Give a name to the working group.

Step 2: Find a mentor

Engage at least one member of the BiCS teaching staff as mentor/advisor.

Step 3: Send the proposal

Send the proposal (topic description, name of the working group and mentor) by email to: bics-secretary [at] indicating as email’s subject [BiCS – Working group].

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