New version of the study regulations

A new version of the study regulations (règlement des études) was approved by the Minister on 17 September 2021 and published in the Official Gazette on 15 November 2021. This version supersedes all the previous ones. Main changes introduced by this version are related to the supplementary material provided along with the diploma (Art 61) … Continued

Return to full in-person teaching – New rules

As stated by the Rector of the University on 20/10/2021, the University planned to return to full in-person teaching starting by 8 November 2021. Last Friday (29/10/2021), the VRA office released the guidelines aimed at organising the return to full on-site teaching. These guidelines are attached, and you must read them entirely. The guidelines can … Continued

Academic year 2021-2022 kick off

This morning, the BiCS office gave the informaiton sessions to students starting the academic year 2021-2022. We handled to welcome all first year students on-site, and most of second and third year. It was great to have students back on campus and see them in-person. Below you will find the links to the slides shown … Continued