Mobility Roadmap

1. Students receive email with an invitation to the Mandatory Information Session about mobility.

2. Students make their top 3 picks of universities (deadline around February/March, exact date communicated during information session)

3. Students are informed on which host university they have been given. GE applicants are informed earlier so that if they are rejected they can still apply for Erasmus(~ end of March)

4. The Outgoing Mobility Office will start communicating with the host university for the students application (Semester 3)

5. Students will receive the learning agreement which they have to complete, along with a deadline. The learning agreement needs to be validated by the course director, the student, and the host university. (August-December for Erasmus, July-November for GE)

6. Before going on their mobility semester, students need to sign a mobility contract, which they will receive from the Outgoing Mobility Office. During the mobility semester, there will be more documents that will be communicated by the mobility office.