Bachelor Semester Project

The bread and butter of BiCS.


A Bachelor Semester Project course (referred to as BSP) follows the project-base learning methodology. The BiCS offers 6 BSP courses, one on each semester. A BSP course is aimed at trainning a student to develop his/her scientific and technical capacities in a research-oriented settings: one student works in tandem with one tutor to solve a particular problem using scientific methods. These settings apply to all BSP courses, with the exception of the BSP offered in the first semester. This particular BSP is aimed at introducing freshman about the fundamentals of how to perform the following BSP courses along the programme.

For detailed information, the BSP Reference Document should be consulted. The BSP Reference Document should be the only source of final, up-to-date, and accurate information. Students are heavily encouraged to get familiar with the structure and content of the BSP Reference Document.

The BSP Reference Document is available on Moodle on the BSP’s course page. It can also be requested to the course responsible by email at


Bachelor Semester Project 1

Bachelor Semester Project 1 course, which is taken in the first semester of BiCS, is different than the other BSP courses. BSP1 is a course where new students are acquianted with what a BSP is, and its organization The majority of the course is spent on applying the learned notions on a practical Research & Development (R&D) project. Normally students are responsible with finding their own Project Academic Tutors (PAT), however, in BSP1 a default PAT is assigned to everyone.

Moodle page of the BSP-S1 course

Bachelor Semester Project 2-6

BSP2-6 courses are Research and Development (R&D) projects that are done by the student under the supervision of a Project Academic Tutor (PAT). Unlike BSP1, students are responsible with finding their own PATs for their BSP2-6. They differ heavily from BSP1 in terms of organisation and workload. For more information about BSP2-6, consult the BSP Reference Document available on the Moodle page of the respective BSP.

Below you can find information that can ease the process of finding yourself a PAT.

Finding a PAT

A Project Academic Tutor (PAT), is any employee of the university allowed to teach and having at least a master degree in computer science, who helps students with their BSP.
In semester 1, all students are assigned PATs. Students are responsible with finding their own BSP2-6 PATs.
Below, various resources can be found to ease the process of finding a PAT.
– Check List of Past & Ongoing BSPs to get information on what kind of BSPs have been done in the past to get ideas for topics, and find PATs that have worked on those topics.
– Check PAT Activity Statistics to see which PATs have more experience and which PATs have been actively lately.
– A list of members of the Department of Computer Science can be found here.
– An extended list of all members in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) can be found here.