Here are the top resources and services BiCS students will want to access. These resources range from academic information to communication channels. They have been presented here according to past student feedback and experiences.

Study Program Information

Information regarding the courses that are offered at BiCS.

Information regarding the Bachelor Semester Project (BSP). What it is, how to do one, and everything else.

Information regarding the mobility semester that every BiCS student must do in their 4th semester.

Scholastic Tools

Access to the Moodle page where students can interact with the course content.

Information about remote studying.

Access to the student email.

Administrative Tools

Access to the admission portal where students can re-enroll for the next semester.

Information about the IT accounts, and how to use them.

Access to Guichet Etudient where students can find various academic documents and enroll to courses.

Alternative Unofficial Communication Channels

You can use your own accounts, completely separated from your UL account.

The BiCS Slack workspace for quick communication between the teaching staff and the students.

The student-ran Discord server where students can communicate with each other about courses, organize social events, and stay connected.