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  • LATEST Survey Data for Semester 5, End of Semester

LATEST Survey results - Semester 5 - End of Semester

You’ll find below the results of the latest survey filled by students enrolled in courses of the BiCS Semester 3.

The survey was filled once the semester was completed (including the exams).

Be aware that this information gives only global information on WHAT the students PERCEIVE. It is meant to be used when appropriate by the BiCS office to quicky share feedback about the survey to students right after they have completed such survey. This information does not represent by any way a statement of any property of the BiCS courses nor their instructors.


Course complexity

Course pedagogical quality


Course examination content quality

Course examination session overall organisation

Academic & Administrative management of the study programme

Plans for after BiCS


Quantitative answers (i.e. [very bad, bad, normal, good,very good], and [very difficult, difficult, normal, easy, very easy]) use a 5 levels scale which is interpreted as a numeric scale [0,5,10,15,20].