Landing page for instructors delivering courses in the programme.


The study programme administrator (SPA) is the single point of contact for any administrative matter related to the programme (e.g. booking of classrooms, schedule of courses and exams). The SPA can be reached by email.

Course schedule

This service allows the instructor to consult how his/her courses are scheduled. The service also provides information about the assigned classrooms and how to find their location.

Course content

Any information related to a course is given to students via Moodle. It is the official platform not only to provide access to resourses, but also to collect assignments and any other student’s production.

Semester organisation

The BiCS’s Office is in charge of providing the fundamental resources to instructors to mantain the high quality of the courses offered by the programme.

Being a PAT

A PAT is responsible of supervising the student’s BSP work, helping them, and eventually grading them. For clear guidelines on how to operate as a PAT please proceed.

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