The laboratory associated with the BiCS where companies and students meet.



Give students the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge and developed skills in real settings.


Give companies the opportunity to develop cutting-edge subjects of their interest.


BSP project

An industrial partner works together with a student and a tutor from the University of Luxembourg on a bachelor semester project (BSP). A BSP is a mandatory course of the study programme. During the BSP the industrial partner can directly influence the project’s objectives, while the tutor ensures the quality of the BSP regarding the study programme constraints.

R&D project

An industrial partner works together with an instructor of the BiCS programme in a subject of common interest. The development of the project may involve students of the BiCS programme. The work of the students is not constrained by the study programme, and depending on the project’s conditions the student may be paid.



A Pepper Application for communication at MOOVIJOB2019

This BSP used the the Pepper robot to interact with participants in the Moovijob Tour Luxembourg 2019 edition.


Robot for handcraft sector

This BSP covered the adaptation of an autonomous farming robot for use in a hydroponics environment.


Optimisation of an autonomous farming robot for hydroponics

BSP centred around a robot known as Farmbot and aimed at creating sequences to automate the watering and planting processes.


The BicsLab is funded by the BiCS study programme and the valuable contributions of companies which support the development of the BicsLab initiatives. The BicsLab gratefully acknowledges the generous support provided by the following companies:

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