BiCS mailing lists

The BiCS (as any other study programme at the UL) relies on e-mails to send official communications to the students.

For this purpose, there exist mailing lists grouping students by year (1st, 2nd, and 3rd).

These mailing lists are mainly used by the BiCS office and instructors to communicate relevant information to students.

These mailing lists are handled by the IT unit of the UL (more precisely, the ACME Team).

The rationale of these mailing lists is the following:

  • once the applicant has been formally acepted to the BiCS, and he/she has completed all the administrative steps (e.g. payment of the fees), then the aplicant becomes student at the UL. It is at this moment that the student is also added to the mailing list of 1st year students of the study programme.
  • every time the student is promoted to the next year, the student is moved to the corresponding mailing list (i.e. 2nd year or 3rd year mailing list)
  • once the student is promoted to the 3rd year, the student remains in the mailing list of 3rd year students until he/she gets eventually graduated.

Of course, a student who decides to quit the study programme, eventually is removed from the mailing list.

If for any reasons, you want to be removed from the mailing list you have to make the request via the IT Helpdesk for Students

Notice that the BiCS office does not have any access to the management of these mailing lists. Thus, don’t wast your time sending requests to us to add/remove you from any mailing lists.