New Study Programme Representatives

On Monday the 10th of October, the Study Programme Representatives (SPRs) of the BiCS for the academic year 2021/22 were appointed by the BiCS office.

They are:

  • Valentina RONDINELLI
  • Titouan GUERIN
  • Umut UCAK
  • Eliott BONTE
  • Elliot KOCH

Each SPR started his/her functions the 11/10/2021, and will remain in functions until the end of the current academic: i.e. 18/09/2022.

Among other roles, SPRs represent students in the Steering/Advisory Committee (‘Comité de pilotage’) of the BiCS (Art. 70 of the Règlement des études).

The SPRs who are also member in the Steering/Advisory Committee are Umut UCAK and Daria ANTROPOVA.

The BiCS office wants to thank these students for their commitment in playing such as important role.