Changes in BiCS Administration

Dear BiCS’s students, dear colleagues,

On September the 17th of 2021, my mandate as Study Director of the BiCS comes to an end, It has been a challenging and wonderful journey, but also very demanding. Thus, it is time to me to step down and let other people takeover this challenge that started in 2015. Thanks to each of you, we can be proud to have successfully developed our education programmes with a highly successful bachelor in computer science which is critical for the university and the country.

From September the 20th of 2021, and until February 20th of 2022, Prof. Dr. Christophe Schommer will act as Study Programme Director. After that period, the role of Study Programme Director of the BiCS will be taken over by Prof. Dr. Martin Theobald.

Since mid February this year Dr. Alfredo Capozucca has been nominated as Vice Study Programme Director of the BiCS. He has been actively participating in the management of the BiCS since then, and will continue to do so to ensure the proper running of the programme during this transition period.  

In order to make this transition period the less cumbersome possible for every one, I kindly ask you, from now on, to get in touch with the BiCS direction exclusively using the following email address:

I would like to also inform you that the current Study Programme Administrator (SPA) Ms. Stéphanie Marbehant will be transferred to another study programme. She will continue to behave as SPA of the BiCS until August 31st. Afterwards, the new SPA of the programme will be Ms. Khadidiatou Diop. Once again, to make the changes simple and transparent to you, please simply address your request to the SPA of the programme by writing an email to the address: 

I do know that there are many changes coming at once, but with the good predisposition of every one, this period should be smooth and with only positive impact on the quality of the programme. 

All the best to the new BiCS direction, and to each of you. 

Best Regards.

Dr. Nicolas Guelfi
Programme Director
BiCS – Bachelor in Computer Science